The Core

What is The Core?

The Core is a leadership development program that identifies youth and young adults who have shown leadership potential. Our goal is to equip students with the training and discipleship needed to become leaders and trendsetters within their communities and spheres of influence.

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What does this look like?

The Core is composed of two parts:

Group Gatherings
The training consists of 5–7 group gatherings spaced out over an 8–10 month period. Group gatherings contain elements of worship, teaching, discussion, prayer, and planning. Each gathering precedes a culminating outreach event so that students have opportunities to be directly involved in some aspect of the event, providing them with practical experiences in leadership and service.

One-on-One Mentoring
In between group gatherings, students are expected to meet once or twice with a mentor assigned to them by their youth pastor. Materials are provided for pastors and mentors to use during these times with their students. The content of the material is related to the previous group gathering and builds upon previous teaching and discussions. These are key times of discipleship and relationship building.

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