A Legacy of Hope

The Greater Vancouver Festival of Hope was our fourth major evangelistic outreach event to the people of that city. The first was in May 1965, led by BGEAC evangelist Leighton Ford. Then came Billy Graham Crusades in July 1965 and October 1984. Each event has enabled BGEAC to proclaim the timeless Gospel message of Jesus, which has transformed the lives of generations of Canadians. Please enjoy this window into the legacy of God’s impact in Vancouver, through our organization and its faithful supporters.

Photo Gallery

1965 1 Agrodome May
May 1965: Over 6,500 people attended this Crusade event at the Vancouver Agrodome
1965 2 Agrodome May
May 1965: One of Billy Graham’s lead evangelists, Leighton Ford, opened the event with an inspiring message
1965 3 Agrodome May
May 1965: Local television station Channel 8 broadcast the event
1965 4 Empire Stadium July
July 1965: Billy Graham preached on three occasions at Vancouver’s Empire Stadium
1965 5 Empire Stadium July
July 1965: Vancouver residents responding to Billy’s altar call at Empire Stadium
1984 1 BC Place
October 1984: Over eight days Billy Graham shared the Gospel message at Vancouver’s BC Place Stadium
1984 2 BC Place
October 1984: Over 28,000 people heard Billy’s timeless message each evening
1984 3 BC Place
October 1984: With fears of cold war nuclear aggression on many people’s minds, Billy spoke of the hope and peace found in God
1984 4 Food Drive
October 1984: The event also inspired area residents to donate five truckloads of food to the needy
1984 5 Food Drive
October 1984: Students and staff from Trinity Western College came out to assist Billy with the food drive
1984 6 Food Drive
October 1984: Billy visited food drive recipients and prayed with them as they waited in line
1984 7 BG Meets Supporters
October 1984: Billy meeting supporters and seekers in Vancouver prior to a speaking engagement

When a person comes to Christ through one of the ministries of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, it is the beginning of a new life and a new legacy. Each person who comes to faith in Christ becomes a vessel through which others may come to know Him as Savior.

Audio Clips

A news announcer summarizes the Vancouver 1965 Crusade

Listen as a news announcer from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association concludes the week’s Crusade events in Vancouver, delivering a colorful commentary on the state of the Gospel in Canada and the USA in the mid-1960s
Billy Graham speaking at a business luncheon in downtown Vancouver, 11 October 1984

If ever a group of people in North America needed the help of God—it’s not only the people of the United States (and God help them too!)—it’s the people in Vancouver and British Columbia. If all the statistics and the things that I’ve read that they sent me ahead of time are true, you need help. You need God.
Billy Graham speaking to Vancouver youth, 15 October 1984

People have worked and prayed for this crusade for many months, just for you—if you were the only one. And God has arranged it for you to be here tonight and for you to hear this particular message. You’re not here by accident. You’re here because God arranged it for you to be here.
Billy Graham sharing the Gospel with thousands at Vancouver’s BC Place, 20 October 1984

Just say, ‘Lord, whatever is left of my life is yours. I surrender it to you. I come to the cross where You died for me, and I give my life to you.’
Billy Graham sharing the Gospel with thousands at Vancouver’s BC Place, 21 October 1984 (part 1)

The sixties were called the ‘decade of activism.’ The seventies were called the ‘me decade.’ The eighties have been called the ‘decade of survival.’ Millions of people all over the world are desperate to know what the future holds.
Billy Graham sharing the Gospel with thousands at Vancouver’s BC Place, 21 October 1984 (part 2)

In the midst of the pessimism, gloom and frustration of the present hour, there is one hope, one certain hope—and that is the promise of Christ: ‘If I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again’ (John 14:3).”

Many of the people who come to faith and hope in Christ through the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association of Canada instill that faith in their children and grandchildren, creating a Legacy of Hope for today, tomorrow, and eternity.

Were you there when Billy Graham preached in Vancouver? We want to hear about it! Share your story by emailing us at info@bgea.ca