Volunteer with the Celebration of Hope with Will Graham

Celebration of Hope



There are lots of opportunities to get involved at the Celebration of Hope!

Click here to print off the application form and submit it to the office via email, mail, or fax. 

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Don’t underestimate the impact you are making when you volunteer! 

Questions? Please email celebration@bgea.ca

Frequently Asked Questions

How old do I have to be to volunteer at the Celebration of Hope?

You have to be 18 years old for the majority of volunteer positions, however there are some volunteer opportunities for teens that are younger than this. Please contact celebration@bgea.ca if you have an inquiry about this.

How many volunteers do you need at the Celebration of Hope?

The Celebration of Hope takes place over 2 days. Each day will require 75 volunteers minimum. If you choose to volunteer, it would be great if you could give of your time for the same shift and position for both days. The more people that have previous experience in each position each day, the smoother things will go! With that said, we do however still have positions we need filled on an individual shift basis.

Can I volunteer with a friend and serve in the same shift? Can we volunteer as a small group?

Yes, as long as we still have room for everyone! Please have each person in your group fill out a volunteer application and then send them in together requesting that you serve together. Please indicate on your correspondence with us who the leader of the group is.

I applied to be a volunteer, when will I know if what position and shift I’ve been chosen for?

Individuals that sign up to be a pre event volunteer, will be contacted by our office shortly after they apply, by our Volunteer Coordinator. At that time, our coordinator will let you know what opportunities are available.

Individuals that fill out an application to be an event volunteer during the Celebration weekend (October 16-17, 2015), will be contacted in late August or sometime during the month of September to confirm your position and shift. Shortly after that you will receive a letter that specify the details with instructions on when and where to meet during the Celebration weekend!


If you have other questions about volunteering, please contact the Celebration of Hope office at celebration@bgea.ca