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I'm afraid I've been a very poor Christian. In my heart, I know Jesus died for me, but often I don't act like I believe it.


If God had given up on you, you wouldn't even be asking me this question. Instead, you'd be cold and indifferent toward God, and your heart would be so hardened by your sins that you wouldn't even be able to hear His voice. You wouldn't feel guilty, either, nor would you have any desire to seek His forgiveness.

But you do feel these things -- because God's Spirit is working in your heart, convicting you of your sins and convincing you that you need to repent. Don't ignore His voice, because you may resist Him so much that He will no longer speak to you. The Bible warns, "My Spirit will not contend with man forever" (Genesis 6:3).

Will God forgive you? Yes -- because He loves you, and Jesus Christ died for you. Sin is serious; it is so serious that it cost God's only Son His life. But Christ died for you because God loves you -- and because He loves you, He wants to forgive you and make you part of His family forever.

Do you remember Peter? He vowed that he would never deny Jesus, but when Jesus was arrested, Peter denied he even knew Jesus -- not once, but three times. But later Peter repented -- and Jesus forgave him. And He will forgive you, as you repent of your sins and commit your life to Him.