Keynote Sessions

Monday, September 25

David Arrol Macfarlane
Opening Message

Extending Hope: 6 Compelling Steps for Spreading the Gospel

An Old Testament message about perspective – learning to see evangelism from a different point of view that can inspire and encourage us enough to break through our fears and take the love of God to our streets.

Mark Hughes
Plenary Session 

The Challenge to Evangelism Today

Evangelism today rarely happens by accident. Churches must learn to be intentional and in this session Mark will look at the three keys of a burden for the lost, a love for the lost, and an opportunity for the lost.

Dr. Charles Price
Plenary Session 

A Divine Pattern of Evangelism

A vision for evangelism is not enough! The engine of vision is compassion. The first response to vision and compassion is intercession: "Ask the Lord of the harvest to send workers into the harvest field," said Jesus. He is the strategist, and knows those who are ripe for this harvest. When vision, compassion and intercession merge, there comes commission, for "He called his twelve disciples to him and gave them authority..." This ensures fruitful evangelism, for we work where God is already at work.

Tuesday, September 26

Danielle Strickland
Plenary Session 

You Must Be Born Again - Acts 10

You must be born again. This phrase describes the main message of North American evangelism for a generation. But what if it meant something more? What if the message of Jesus was meant for deeper and wider impact? How would that impact our evangelism? Using Acts 10 and Peter's own religious born-again encounter, we will find clues on how to dive into the deep end of Kingdom evangelism.

Dr. Charles Price
Plenary Session 

A Divine Power in Weak People

Jesus called to Himself a group of disciples who were remarkably ordinary, weak, fumbling and failing, who, without exception, denied or deserted him at His most crucial moment. Twelve disciples and many others traveled with Jesus, and as we look to each of them, most of us will find reflections of ourselves. But, "God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong." Our weaknesses may be our assets as they force our dependence on God.

Danielle Strickland
Closing Session 

Freedom Calling - the Uncontrollable Gospel - Galatians 5:1

Why do Christians present a safe and comfortable version of faith when its roots are so countercultural and its founder/leader so revolutionary? When we become enslaved to dominant cultural values at the expense of kingdom ones, we are not living the Good News. So, how do we get the good back in our news? Freedom. This is perhaps the greatest Gospel story of our era.

Elective Sessions

Donna Mitchell
Elective Session

Maturity Without Risk: Mission Possible?

Jesus is moving among our culture's broken and marginalized people. They are among those described in Jesus' mission - and ours. This workshop explores the transforming effect of helping your church reach out to society's marginalized.

Bob Gal
Elective Session

Telling Your Believable Supernatural Story

"The Greatest Story Ever Told" is the personal testimony of your journey of aith with Jesus Christ. Our motiviation for telling the life story of our meeting and journey with Jesus comes from our revelation of the heart of Christ. This workshop will include a time for silent reflection with Christ, followed by a time of discussion.

Dr. Derrick Mueller
Elective Session

Relational Evangelism - The GRID Model

The GRID model is about how you can practically participate in evangelism. You will learn how to take the fear our of evangelism and how to take the fear out of sharing your faith by examining the relationships around you and those who are on your GRID. Whether you are a pastor, a lay person, or one with a passion to see souls won, you will discover simple ways to reach out, share Jesus, and participate in evangelism.

David Macfarlane
Elective Session

Evangelism is not Rocket Science: Learn Six Proven Steps That Can Change the Evangelism Temperature of Your Church

Learn how David’s simple yet effective "Evangelism Ladder" tool can change the DNA of a congregation towards growth through evangelism. Don't let the simplicity of this tool fool you - the results will speak for themselves.

Kim Gordon
Elective Session

Reaching Children With the Gospel

Come and hear how the Lord is reaching millions of children with the Gospel, through Operation Christmas Child. A shoebox gift is the beginning of the journey for a child, as it leads them to The Greatest Journey discipleship program. Hear impact stories of children, families, and communities changed for eternity.

Johnny Rocket

Is This Thing On? (the Radio)

Hollie, Lisa, and Jonny dive into radio, business, and ministry. Coming at it from three angles but yet three of the same perspectives. You will laugh, cry, question, and come away feeling like you have a strong sense of radio and its benefits.

Hollie Taylor

Lisa Frers
Elective Session


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